Networking isn’t quite what folks make it out to be.  A lot of people think of it only when they’re out of a job and need one.  Then they run around desperately like a chicken with its head cut off, hoping they know someone who knows someone who can get them a job.

That’s not networking!

As a poor college student, you might not really be too worried about what you’ll do after graduation.  One step at a time, right?  After you graduate, then you’ll start networking and finding a job.

That’s not networking!


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Earn Extra Cash – Sell Your Stuff

If you’re like most poor college students you need extra cash.  And if you’re like most people in general you’ve got stuff.  Maybe you’re one of those people who has next to nothing.  If so, don’t bother reading anything else.

But odds are, you’ve got stuff.  And some of that stuff is stuff you really don’t need.  You’ve all heard the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  Turns out that’s true, which is great for a poor college student like you. (Which rhymes, by the way.)

You can sell some of your extra stuff to make some extra money.  Of course, there are right ways and wrong ways to go about getting rid of stuff.  Now that we live in the information age where everyone and their second cousin is on the internet, your best bet is not going to be the old garage sale.

There are plenty of resources you can use to sell your stuff online.

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Acing a Job Interview

We all know we need a job.  And we all know that to get a job, you need an interview.  And we all know how to ace an interview.  Right?  Well, just in case, I’ll go over a few tips here to make sure you knock their socks off!

Learn About the Company

One of the first things you do when you get ready for an interview is learn about the job you’re interviewing for.  Don’t just go off the basic job description in the newspaper (or whatever).  Learn what the job entails.  What you do on a day-to-day basis.  The skills you need.

Learn about the company itself, too.  Find out if there are other locations in your area.  See if you know anyone in the company (or know someone who knows someone).

Great advice for interviews!

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